My Philosophy

Iconic Architectural Images come from understanding that a structure’s underlying beauty is in its ultimate functionality. My Images bring that beauty to life.

Philip Moore architectural photographer London, My main passions are Architecture & Landscape photography, although I am fascinated and inspired by the texture, structure and form of all things and their relationship to each other.

I have been a photographer for over 35 years, purchasing my first camera at 16 years old. I studied photography at the University of Westminster and was awarded a BA(Hons).

In my work as a photographer, I have come to understand that identifying the beauty in the underlying simplicity of all things is where, to my eye, the true essence of photography lies. In a largely oversaturated world, looking for the true relationship, shape and form, allows for the deeper identity in every image to emerge.

In truth, the link between nature and architecture is in the understanding that successful forms must always follow function. No matter how intricate something may appear, the essence of its beauty will always lie in its innate functionality. In my view, the most iconic architectural images will always reveal, no matter how complex the subject, the underlying beauty in is ultimate functionality.

“Give me the freedom of a tight brief.”

David Ogilvy

“Complex things are easy to do. Simplicity’s the real challenge.”

– Robert James Waller, (The Bridges of Madison County).